Announcement Regarding Climate FieldView

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The platform integration agreement between Climate FieldView and Tillable is not moving forward.

From Corbett Kull, CEO

Today, The Climate Corporation cancelled our platform integration agreement. The integration was set to go live this spring.

The agreement’s goal was to let farmers elect to easily and efficiently share Climate FieldView data with their landlords for farms they rent through Tillable. However, there is a great deal of confusion about our relationship, and we’re disappointed we will not be moving forward.

I want to emphasize that any data sharing through this integration was always going to be completely voluntary for farmers. Tillable would never have had access to FieldView data unless farmers granted it. No implementation of the platform integration had occurred yet, no FieldView data was transferred and Tillable has not used or had access to FieldView data.

Data is of critical importance for today’s farmers and landowners—and for us. We continue to believe in the importance of data in farm rental relationships, and the role of data transparency in strengthening those relationships and ensuring good stewardship of the land. We are working hard to earn the trust of landowners and farmers and we will continue to do so.

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