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An Open Letter to Farmers About Tillable Finance

When I talk to farmers, I hear two things: I can’t get access to land, and I can’t get access to the money that I need to grow. From Tillable’s foundation, we’ve tried to help with problem number one. I’m proud and happy to say that with Tillable Finance, we’re now able to help tackle the second. Providing cheaper and more readily available financing to farmers is important for all of us. We need farmers to hit profitability and stay in the profession, passing on their tricks and trades to the next generation. Great farmers having access to equitable financing

Breaking Down Operating Loans

As a farmer, you have enough to worry about without losing sleep over your operating loan.  With a new growing season just around the corner, the easiest option is probably to go with your existing loan provider. However, with so many financing tools in the market, there’s no better time to try and save money or lighten your collateral. New online applications can mean getting approved for financing in a matter of days, without ever leaving your home. Shopping around for an operating loan can help you save money, loosen collateral, and save time.  Why You Should Shop Around For

Is Your Farm Ready to Earn Carbon Credits?

Want to understand carbon markets? There are 3 things you need to know when considering carbon markets: the impact of capturing farm data, how carbon credits affect lease income, and the evolving value of carbon credits.

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How to Rent Land for Farming

Learn about leasing options and how to structure your lease agreement based on your operation’s needs and financial goals. Renting farm land can be easy — we’ll show you how.

American Agriculture Defines Resilience

Today’s USDA Crop Progress Report indicates:
U.S. corn 88% completed compared to 55% this week last year. Tillable’s farmland specialist, Mason, shares his perspective.

Calculate Cash Rent

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Data Collection: Beyond Yield Data

We talk a lot about why yield data is important, but there are other measures you should be tracking and many that precision ag tools can help you make use of.

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