Conversations in the Corn Episode 7.1: Brittany Martin

Welcome back to Conversations in the Corn. We had a winter hiatus and we are back here strong this spring.

Mason: Welcome back to Conversations in the Corn. We had a winter hiatus and we are back here strong this spring. Today, I have with me Brittany Martin. She is an account manager at Tillable. She works very closely with our landowner’s, walking them through the process at Tillable and helping them have the best experience possible. 

Mason: Hello, Brittany, how are you today? 

Brittany: Good, I’m great. Hi, Mason. 

Mason: So, Brittany, why don’t we–You know, we did a similar interview with Jessie and now we get to meet you. So, what do you want to introduce yourself as? Tell us a little bit about your background.

Brittany: Great. Yeah. Thank you for the intro. So I previously worked in recruiting and sales actually for many years, but I always had an interest in farming and really how agriculture supports our food system.

So that’s actually how I found myself in ag several years ago, working for Climate. I specifically supported the local Midwest teams that focused on the FieldView Drive. It’s one of their main products. So that was really my first exposure to the world of digital agriculture and how technology supports farmers and the efficiency of their operations.

Mason: Well, you kind of already answered my second question, but how did you decide to make the jump to work for another startup–Tillable?

So when I first learned about the mission of Tillable, I loved that it was a new product and solution that didn’t previously exist. And it was really a win-win for both farmers and landowners that really served two sides of a marketplace, essentially helping landowners manage their farmland and helping farmers expand their operation. So that that was really intriguing to me. And then the cherry on top was just meeting and being able to join this great group of people that are really all passionate and focused on the same mission. So it was a no brainer for me.

Mason: Yeah, no, you’ve you’ve been at Tillable longer than I have. So with that being said, what what do you find to be the most interesting thing that you’ve learned during your time at Tillable about how complicated and how simple at the same time leasing farmland is?

Brittany: That’s a great question. what I really learned was that there are so many different relationships that our customers have with their farms and their land. So I’ve gotten to work with customers who manage a whole portfolio of farms from an investment standpoint to those who just own one parcel as an investment or farmland that’s been inherited. Some landowners are remote and have never visited the farm. They don’t even know where to find it and we’re helping them with that.

Brittany: But then some, of course, have lived on their land and farmed it and they know it like the back of their hand. So I had no idea that those types of relationships with land existed. I say it’s not something I even really thought about before joining Tillable. So it’s been a really fun challenge over the years, adapting Tillable and our
services to these various needs and learning how we can provide solutions to landowners regardless of their relationship to their farm.

Mason: Yeah, and I’ve been on calls with you, Brittany, with some landowners, and you’re always very caring about meeting the landowners goals for their farms, what has made you so passionate about your work with with those landowners? And are there any exciting highlights or situations that have come up that have really stuck out to you during your course of time working with Tillable?

Brittany: Another great question, so I’ve been so lucky because our customers are really great people who have been grateful for the help and solutions we provide them, and I’ve encountered countless situations where our products have really helped landowners who have been previously in the dark about how their land has been cared for or what their land should be rented for. So I really just enjoyed supporting these customers, hearing their stories. So it drives my passion to continue doing the work and continue meeting them and helping them in any way that I can.

Brittany: The highlights that I’ve been exposed to and I’m excited to continue doing is really around improvement projects. So as we go into another season, I work with our internal teams to help navigate improvement projects proposed by our farmers on our managed farms. And leasing season is always a really exciting time of year because I have more opportunities to add additional value to our customers by helping facilitate and navigate these improvement projects. So I’ve already had some really good experience and exposure to the different challenges and issues that come up on a piece of property or on farmland that the farmers need to address.

Brittany: And I in turn take that to our landowners and help them understand the why of why it’s important to invest back into their land. So I’ve learned a great deal about farming this way, things that I definitely did not know before working at Tillable. And so that makes me really excited to continue having the experience and exposure to these different projects and helping our customers. 

Mason: Well, good! That’s that’s all the questions I had for you. Brittany, I appreciate you taking the time to go through this process. I know it’s not your normal day to day to to be on a video, but we want to give people more insight into the people that work for Tillable and who we actually are. So I appreciate you taking the time to do that.

Brittany: I enjoy working with you. And I know our landowners do as well. So I appreciate you taking the time today. Thank you, Mason. 

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