How much land is needed to maximize your livestock operation?

When you are looking to maximize your livestock operation, land is one of the first
assets you need to think about. What is working? What isn’t working for you? As you
think about the answers to these questions, the availability of land and if you need
to acquire more of it may be brought to the top of mind.

Depending on your operation, you could need another fertile pasture, more land to
build a feedlot or confinement building on, or even an additional field to farm to
supplement your feed and silage needs. Land is always available, but what is the
right piece for you?

Tillable has an online database and a team that works with farmers looking to sell
their land. The team then works with buyers who are interested in available pieces
to rent or buy. The resources available to you through Tillable make it easy to
browse your area when you are looking to expand your operation.
What type of grazing best suits your operation? Do you need continuous grazing?
Do you have enough pasture to utilize a rotational system? Knowing the land you
already work and possess, alongside your animals, plants, and soil needs can be
difficult to manage all on your own.

Tillable’s farm management services can also help you maximize your land’s
potential. Tillable will analyze your current farm’s value, soil history and more to
help you understand the value of your land.
Learn more about how Tillable can partner with you to maximize your operation.

Grazing and pasture management for cattle | UMN Extension

Four Steps to Rotational Grazing (psu.edu)

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