Kicking Off the 2020 Leasing Season

Here’s what farmers need to know as we start listing farms for rent on Tillable for 2020.

Though harvest has yet to begin in many areas, we’re already starting to list farms for rent for the 2020 growing season. Here are some important updates and reminders to help farmers get ready to search for new farmland to rent on Tillable for 2020.

Is your farmer profile up-to-date?

If it’s been awhile since you logged into your Tillable account, now is a great time to head over and review your profile. You can’t make an offer on a farm without a completed profile, and it’s the most important way you can demonstrate your skills and experience to potential landlords, so make sure yours is ready for showtime. Also, keeping your contact information current in your profile means we can notify you when farms come up for rent in your area.

A change to farms listed for offers

In our first full leasing season last year, we required all farms on Tillable to go through our Price Discovery process. While our intent was to genuinely ensure that each farm was rented for fair market value, we found that there were some farms listed in which the landowner did not intend to consider new tenants. We appreciate the time, thought and care that goes into making an offer to rent a new piece of land, and we’re sorry some farmers were understandably frustrated. This year, farms will only be listed as Accepting Offers after the landowner has worked closely with Tillable to determine the need for Price Discovery, on the condition that a new farmer will be considered to rent that farm.

We’re offering more ways for landowners to manage their land

This year, Tillable began offering a new option to landowners, called our Hassle-Free Lease, in which they can rent their farms directly to us for one to three growing seasons. We pay the landowner directly, then find a great farmer for that farm and use the Tillable platform to ensure the land is well-tended. All farms leased to Tillable under the Hassle-Free Lease will go through Price Discovery to ensure that the market continues to decide the fair price a farmer pays to rent that land.

We also now have options for landowners who want to keep their current tenant, but want to use Tillable’s farm management features to manage digital leases, automated payments and data collection. If your landowner isn’t already on Tillable, this is a great option for the two of you to work together to better manage the administrative side of your agreement, and track farm performance.

Not all farms on Tillable are available for rent

Because landowners now have options to manage their farms without going through price discovery, and because some farm lease agreements are for multiple years, many farms you’ll see on Tillable are not currently available for rental offers. Farms that are available are clearly marked as such. If a farm does become available for rent on Tillable, we’ll contact nearby farmers to let them know.

Our goal is to help great farmers expand, while also keeping great farmers on land they already farm. With these changes, we are working hard to do a better job of helping all farmers build their reputations and manage their operations.

Questions or comments? Let us know. We’re looking forward to working with all of our Tillable farmers to make the 2020 season a successful one!

example farmland for rent - Tillable

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