New Feature Release: How To Find Recent Farm Sales Data Near You

Desktop tutorial:

Mobile tutorial:

Key Highlights:

  • New search filters for recently sold farmland map.
  • Radius search feature to see sold farms within x miles of a central point on map

If you have ever tried to find prices for recently sold farmland online, you already know that it is nearly impossible to find. Whether it is an auction or a farm land listing that sold, Tillable has created the easiest tool online to see farmland sale data from the past 3 years.

Tillable’s sold farmland map now has a new search option filter to better help you find recently sold farms you are most interested in.

The next time you want to check out nearby farm sales, you can now filter by distance from a set location on the map. Use the slider to search within 0 to 100 miles of your location and set up a pin on the map that will create a radius of all sold farms in that area.

Now you will only see results in your filtered radius. Give it a try today, here.

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