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How Much Will an Acre of Land Cost in 2022?

Last year, we shared 2021 farmland cash rent values as reported by the USDA. Now that we have reviewed the 2021 data let’s explore how much rents will rise in 2022.

Tillable expands operating loans

The newest additions include California, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Mississippi, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.

Crop Progress September 2022

“As agriculture evolves, it seems that the past few seasons have brought on an opportunity to crop plan, negotiate leases, buy inputs, and hedge grain sales earlier and earlier.”

“Conceptos básicos de préstamo de tierras de cultivo” Farmland Loan Basics | Tillable

Conceptos básicos de los préstamos agrícolas Financiación de explotaciones agrícolas puede ser un campo difícil de cosechar para los nuevos agricultores, o para los veteranos que no han utilizado el crédito en sus operaciones agrícolas anteriormente.  Pero a medida que el mercado fluctúa, cada vez son más las personas que buscan préstamos agrícolas para asegurar la compra de una nueva explotación, proporcionar financiación para un nuevo alquiler o acceder a fondos adicionales a través de un préstamo de explotación para comprar insumos, equipos y cubrir los gastos de funcionamiento.  A continuación se indican algunos términos básicos que todo el mundo

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Planting Progress 2022 – Update Two

In April, Tillable Farmland Managers Ross Albert and Mason Troendle weighed in regarding this year’s planting season. In central Illinois and Iowa, soil temperatures and

Make Your Farm Mortgage Work For You

Farmland is a unique asset class. It continues to steadily appreciate in value and produces annual cash income. As a farmer, revenue is derived from

Planting Progress 2022

https://youtu.be/0ndKEsqNvzg Patience is a virtue, and as the saying goes, a late Easter often means a late spring. In April, soil temperatures and ground conditions


What’s In Your Farmland Review?

The Farmland Review lays the foundation for what we do at Tillable. It’s free, easy to request, and the information you get is valuable this

Tim Woods joins Tillable

A former executive of GM. Lawrence and Co. (Lawrence Group) has joined ag-tech startup, Tillable. Tim Woods will be joining Tillable to lead the farm management platform & services as Head of Farmland Management.

Guide to Farmland Valuation

Considering selling your farmland but don’t know its true value? Our guide helps any landowner who is considering selling their farm in 2021.

How to Read a Parcel Legal Description

Overview If you have just inherited farmland, are considering investing in farmland, or just curious about agriculture, you may have seen legal descriptions of farms


Ultimate Guide to Selling Farmland

Table of Contents At Tillable, our mission is to simplify owning and managing farmland. But when it comes to changes in ownership, we know the

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Calculating Cash Rent For Farmland

Calculating cash rent requires understanding your farm’s data as well as its potential. Here are some of the most common ways to calculate cash rent.

Man standing in a field - Tillable

Ultimate Guide to Finding a Farmer

At Tillable, we spend a lot of time researching and placing the best farmer on every farm. With over 16,000 great farmers on our platform,