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Midwest Cash Rent Insights 2021

IOWA – $233/acre Overall Iowa has the highest cash rent average with $233/acre, compared to the other cropland states, and saw a $3 increase in rents from 2020.  Grundy County topped the state at $276/acre, seeing a year-over-year increase of $4. Clay County led the way in year-over-year growth with a $23 increase to $235/acre. Other Counties to Note: Butler County: $11 year-over-year increase up to $264/acre Cedar County: $13 year-over-year increase up to $263/acre   ILLINOIS – $227/acre Average Illinois cash rent increased by $6/acre in 2021, landing it at $227/acre.  Macon County, IL had a $17 year-over-year increase

Should You Refinance Your Farm?

Is it a good idea to refinance? Interest rates are at a historically low point – should you refinance? Like everything in life, the answer isn’t always simple. Most experts recommend refinancing if you can save at least 0.5% on your interest rate. But refinancing isn’t free – you should save enough money to offset the fees (and hold onto the farm long enough to recoup them). Below, we’ll tackle the basics of the refinancing market, what you should look out for, and how to be best prepared to go through with the transaction. How do I determine if I’m

Guide to Farmland Valuation

Considering selling your farmland but don’t know its true value? Our guide helps any landowner who is considering selling their farm in 2021.

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What’s in Your Farmland Checkup?

The Farmland Checkup lays the foundation for what we do at Tillable. It’s free, it’s easy to request, and the information you’ll get is valuable this season and into the future.

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The Basics of Price Discovery

Price discovery is one way of finding out what the market thinks is a fair price for farmland, so landlords and growers can reach a fair deal.

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Why #Plant19 Isn’t Over Yet

#Plant19 has been a tough one, but farmers are tough, too. Here’s why we shouldn’t close the book on this season just yet.

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4 Reasons Landowners Should Receive Yield Data

Yield data is an important indicator of the health of your farm, yet most landowners don’t receive this critical information. Here’s why you need to make sure you talk to your farmer about yield data.


Intro to Flex Leases

Flex leases are one way for landowners and farmers to share in the land’s risk and profit opportunities. Learn the basic types of flex leases and how they might work for you.