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How Much Will an Acre of Land Cost in 2022?

Last year, we shared 2021 farmland cash rent values as reported by the USDA. Now that we have reviewed the 2021 data let’s explore how much rents will rise in 2022.

Farm Lenders

Oh Farm Funds, How Do We Acquire Thee? – Let Me Count the Ways Farm expansion requires capital.  If a farmer or investor doesn’t have the capital on hand in the form of cash or equity in other assets (i.e. land), they will likely go to a bank to acquire the necessary funds to grow their business.  The question is, what lender is the best to grow your farm? Hometown Farm Banks For most farm towns, there is a local bank where farmers can head into town during business hours to set up an appointment with the loan officer to

Farm Loans in Minnesota

Introduction Farm sale prices are determined by a number of factors, two of which are the productivity (yield) and the rental income.  If a farm is able to produce more bushels of corn or beans compared to the farm down the road from it, it is worth more when it comes time to sell.  The same can be said about the rental income from a farm.  If your farmer pays you a more competitive rent compared to farms in the area, the farm is worth more in a sale. Minnesota Average Corn Yield for 2021 County State Year Commodity Average

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Crop Progress 2022

After a few weeks of timely rainfall, the U.S. Drought Monitor shows slight to moderate drought growing in areas of the corn belt. The forecast shows scattered storms are possible but not guaranteed. Three significant areas are growing at a concerning rate. The first is the west half of Kansas into the vast majority of Nebraska and northwest Iowa. This area also includes southwest South Dakota. The second branches from southeast Iowa through northwest Illinois into southern Wisconsin. The third sits on the northern part of the Illinois/Indiana border. Those are not the only areas showing up on the drought

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What’s in Your Farmland Checkup?

The Farmland Checkup lays the foundation for what we do at Tillable. It’s free, it’s easy to request, and the information you’ll get is valuable this season and into the future.

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The Basics of Price Discovery

Price discovery is one way of finding out what the market thinks is a fair price for farmland, so landlords and growers can reach a fair deal.

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Why #Plant19 Isn’t Over Yet

#Plant19 has been a tough one, but farmers are tough, too. Here’s why we shouldn’t close the book on this season just yet.

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4 Reasons Landowners Should Receive Yield Data

Yield data is an important indicator of the health of your farm, yet most landowners don’t receive this critical information. Here’s why you need to make sure you talk to your farmer about yield data.


Intro to Flex Leases

Flex leases are one way for landowners and farmers to share in the land’s risk and profit opportunities. Learn the basic types of flex leases and how they might work for you.