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How Much Will an Acre of Land Cost in 2022?

Last year, we shared 2021 farmland cash rent values as reported by the USDA. Now that we have reviewed the 2021 data let’s explore how much rents will rise in 2022.

Que necesitas saber sobre préstamos agrícolas como une agricultores primerizos

Entonces, ¿no has cultivado antes pero te gustaría comenzar? La mayoría de la gente necesita obtener un préstamo para poner en marcha una nueva operación agrícola. Aquí hay algunas cosas a considerar al comenzar una nueva granja y obtener un préstamo agrícola. Conceptos básicos de préstamos para agricultores por primera vez Podría necesitar un préstamo para todo tipo de gastos relacionados con la granja. Es probable que necesite comprar equipos, implementos, insumos, ganado y, lo más importante, tierra. Para comprar un terreno, necesitaría una hipoteca agrícola. Para casi todo lo demás, un préstamo operativo agrícola. Las hipotecas suelen tener un

Crop Progress

As the beginning of August approaches, we are in a familiar position here in the corn belt. The weather has not been kind in most places, and crop conditions vary in different regions. Many ground sprayers and aerial applications are moving across the states. This fungicide and insecticide application will wrap up in most areas next week.  Indiana and Ohio came out of the gates strong this spring. Great planting weather and the right amount of rain kept the crop maturing through July. As conditions dry, west central Indiana and northeast Ohio are experiencing a drought. Drought conditions may temper

What first time farmers should know about farm loans

So, you haven’t farmed before but would like to get started? Most folks need a loan to get a new farm operation off the ground. Here are a few things to consider when starting a new farm and taking out a farm loan.

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4 Reasons Landowners Should Receive Yield Data

Yield data is an important indicator of the health of your farm, yet most landowners don’t receive this critical information. Here’s why you need to make sure you talk to your farmer about yield data.


Intro to Flex Leases

Flex leases are one way for landowners and farmers to share in the land’s risk and profit opportunities. Learn the basic types of flex leases and how they might work for you.