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How Much Will an Acre of Land Cost in 2022?

Last year, we shared 2021 farmland cash rent values as reported by the USDA. Now that we have reviewed the 2021 data let’s explore how much rents will rise in 2022.

How much land is needed to maximize your livestock operation?

When you are looking to maximize your livestock operation, land is one of the first assets you need to think about. What is working? What isn’t working for you? As youthink about the answers to these questions, the availability of land and if you need to acquire more of it may be brought to the top of mind. Depending on your operation, you could need another fertile pasture, more land to build a feedlot or confinement building on, or even an additional field to farm to supplement your feed and silage needs. Land is always available, but what is the

New Feature Releases: New Map Layer, Add Farm Sales To Account & New Sales Data Available

Three new updates are now available on Tillable and Tyler is back to show you in our How To Series below. Add Farm Sale To Account Need to keep track of a particular farm sale? Now you can copy it to certain tiers of accounts. Tyler explains where to find the feature and how to request for it in the video above. You can get started by creating an account or logging in to your current account here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M77UWcOOn8I New Map Layer: Transmission Lines A newly added common map layer has been added that allows you to see the different classes

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4 Reasons Landowners Should Receive Yield Data

Yield data is an important indicator of the health of your farm, yet most landowners don’t receive this critical information. Here’s why you need to make sure you talk to your farmer about yield data.


Intro to Flex Leases

Flex leases are one way for landowners and farmers to share in the land’s risk and profit opportunities. Learn the basic types of flex leases and how they might work for you.