Planting Progress 2022 – Update Two

In April, Tillable Farmland Managers Ross Albert and Mason Troendle weighed in regarding this year’s planting season. In central Illinois and Iowa, soil temperatures and ground conditions were still not conducive to planting. May has also brought limited opportunities for acres to be covered.

Rain and cool temperatures continue to be the theme for the spring of 2022. There has been heavy rainfall throughout the midwest, and totals have been highly variable from section to section. Scouting farms, being willing to move several miles, and planting into a forecasted rain has been necessary. Operators who have gotten several acres planted have been agile and aggressive

In areas of Central Illinois, some operations are likely over 50% planted, while others haven’t even turned a wheel yet. “I have run every day I could, driving equipment across several townships searching for dry acres. We will not know the outcome of the tough decisions operators are making until harvest. The patient side of me says to wait, but the complex data suggests yield potential begins to drop when planted after Mid May.” says Albert.

Operators have had to be eager and aggressive to make any planting progress. Ideal conditions and forecasts have been few and far between. There will be a modest increase in next week’s planting progress,  but nothing significant.

Central Illinois is not the only area that is struggling. The majority of the midwest has been behind since day one this year. According to the USDA Planting Report, for Corn, only two states are behind by more than 10% in planting progress in 2022. They are Kansas and Nebraska. Iowa and Illinois lead the gridlock at -33% and -36%, respectively.

Corn Percent Planted Chart - Tillable
Soybean Percent Planted Chart - Tillable

“Each operation is different, but no one is waving a white flag yet,” says Troendle. Some farmers are shocked that their neighbors are planting in unsuitable conditions, while others are shocked that their neighbors are not growing like they are. The forecast is favorable for increased planting activity. “We expect some late nights ahead for many farmers as many acres will be planted after dark to ensure the expensive inputs are fully utilized. Getting everything planted by the end of May will be key,” says Troendle.

Planting may be delayed this year, but getting valuable data and insights on your farmland doesn’t have to be. Schedule a free farm review and understand how your farm is performing.

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