Operating Loans and Cash Rent Loans Available in 17 States Across the U.S.

Tillable, Inc. is expanding its online operating loans and cash rent loan application, enabling anyone to apply for a farm loan directly from a smartphone. Today, the company is expanding across the U.S., covering 17 states. The newest additions include California, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Mississippi, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.

Cash Rent Coverage Map - Tillable

To launch this expansion, Tillable has partnered with Evergreen Bank. Evergreen is a technology-driven, Illinois-chartered commercial bank with an expanding national lending platform – lending in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Evergreen is committed to delivering world-class experiences nationally by making borrowing and saving simple and easy. 

Farmers, landowners, and investors can visit Tillable to take out an operating loan or finance their cash rent. The all-digital lending application takes less than ten minutes to complete and requires no paperwork. Qualified borrowers will learn if they are approved for the loan of their choice within seconds.  

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