Tillable to Rebrand as CamoAg and Focus on Providing B2B Software for the Ag Sector

An important update on Tillable, Inc.

Chicago, Illinois, April 6, 2023  – Tillable, Inc. has announced that it will now focus entirely on providing business-to-business ag technology and software services under the brand CamoAg, and close its consumer-facing website. With this change the company plans to sell its retail farm management and farmland brokerage business units.

“After careful consideration, we have made the decision to focus our energy on the B2B ag technology space via CamoAg,” said Corbett Kull, CEO of CamoAg. “This is strictly a business decision to follow the incredible momentum we have found partnering directly with ag-related businesses to provide enterprise technology solutions. The feedback has been phenomenal.”

The technology that powers Tillable.com and its core geospatial platform have been redeployed under the CamoAg brand to serve B2B customers. CamoAg (www.camo.ag), provides cloud-based technology to ag lenders and banks, rural appraisers, farm managers, land investors, and other agri-businesses. 

Operators that currently have a Tillable account will have the option to maintain login credentials on the CamoAg platform to sign agreements and make electronic payments to enterprise customers that use the CamoAg platform.

CamoAg will work closely with current farm management customers and farmers to transition existing leases to an experienced farm management and brokerage firm that will continue to serve their needs through the remaining term of their contracts and offer options for continued service into the future.

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