What’s Included in Your Market Analysis

Have you thought about selling? Get your listing price set with a Tillable Market Analysis. It’s free, easy to request, and the information you get is valuable. 

Your Market Analysis includes: 

  • Recommended asking price
  • Recent farm sale prices in your area
  • Farm comps by soil quality, size, and more!

What do you need to prepare for your Market Analysis?

Start by scheduling your free Market Analysis online or call (773) 347-8596. You’ll need to answer a few basic questions about your farm. A Tillable representative will reach out to ensure we have all the necessary information for you and to schedule a follow-up call to present the findings. You can expect the presentation call to last approximately 15 minutes.

What does Tillable do to research your farmland?

We gather publicly available data, review recent farmland sales near yours, analyze the data, and present our findings and insights on the call. We will email a report to you after the call to keep for your records. 

Your Market Analysis is presented by a licensed Tillable broker who will help you understand your farm’s current market value and how you can tap into our network of 20,000 farmers and 6,000 individual investors. Find out what’s covered in your Market Analysis below: 

1. Recommended asking price

We provide a recommended asking price based on your farm’s soil health and fertility.  We explain the steps you and your farmer can take to protect and maximize your asset’s value. We discuss the type of data you should track with your farmer, what to collect and when, and the best time to sell. 

Tillable Insight: If your farmer is taking great care of the farm, but you have no record of that activity, then that activity adds no value to your farm. We explain why capturing your farmer’s activities every year to care for the farm protects the asset’s value.

2. Recent farm sale prices in your area 

As part of your Tillable Market Analysis, you will receive a report of farms within 30 miles that sold in the last two years.

Tillable Insight: We’ll walk you through current market conditions and our expectations for the next few months. In a bad market, even the best farm may not command the price it deserves. We make sure our clients are poised to sell at the opportune time.

3. How your farm compares to others

We’ll walk through soil quality and yields of recently sold farms and see how yours stacks up.

Tillable Insight: Many factors affect the valuation of farmland. By walking through recent sales, we can identify what’s most important to buyers now and any steps we can take to be ready for sale.

4. What if you are interested in selling with Tillable?

Your Tillable Broker can discuss next steps. We have a simple listing process, expansive marketing campaigns, high-quality online listings, and competitive commission rates.

5. Delivery of your Market Analysis

We discuss all of the above information with you on the call and, after, produce a recap report for you. The report defines the terms and makes it easy to understand your land’s value.

6. What if I Want to Rent for a Few More Years?

Our Farm Management team can work with your current farmer (or, if needed, help find a new one) to collect the data that documents and demonstrates how they are taking care of the farm and adding value to your asset. If you are not looking to sell your farm immediately, a free farmland review can help you understand your land’s cash rent value, and our management service can help prepare your farm for sale. Let your broker know if you want to set one up today.

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