Caring for the land

At Tillable, we believe that when farmland thrives, the people who own and care for it thrive, too.

Sustainability is always in season

Successful farming is rooted in respect. Respect for the traditions carried on for generations. For the people who own and work the soil. And for the land itself.

To assure your farmland is properly cared for, we carefully select ethical farmers who take sustainability seriously. We then assure that they adhere to our rigorous standards outlined below.

up close of soil

Soil productivity and health

At the beginning of the lease, we establish baseline soil conditions. To maintain and/or improve the land, all Tillable farmers must adhere to our rigorous standards for tillage, nutrient management, erosion, compaction and other operations impacting the land. Soil is tested every three years.
farmland watering

Water resources

To protect and manage water resources for optimal use, Tillable focuses on:

spraying field

Agricultural chemicals

Our mandatory year-end reports and emphasis on personal accountability assure that chemical usage satisfies landowner and farmer needs while also protecting people and the environment.

wheat and tractor

Waste management

Tillable’s clear guidelines and practices focus on minimizing and managing agricultural and non-agricultural waste. We strictly adhere to the waste hierarchy: reuse, re-purpose, recycle, convert to energy, contain and dispose. 

person holding tablet and wheat

Legal and regulatory

We take every step necessary to ensure compliance with all applicable federal, state and local agricultural requirements, as well as any social and environmental laws and regulations.

Are you doing everything possible to keep your land fit for the future?

Find out with our free, no-obligation Farmland Checkup which includes soil maps, productivity score and rent evaluation.