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Compeer Appraisal Services

Compeer Partners with Tillable In several hundred counties across the midwest, Tillable has partnered with Compeer Financial to improve our data on median farm sales

Land Sales Monthly

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How to Read a Parcel Legal Description

Overview If you have just inherited farmland, are considering investing in farmland, or just curious about agriculture, you may have seen legal descriptions of farms

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What To Do With Inherited Farm Land

Inheriting farmland usually happens at an emotional juncture in your family’s life. Here are four tips to help you decide how you’ll manage your new asset.

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HERitage: Creating a New Legacy

In our third installment of our series featuring women in land ownership, we hear from someone whose farmland is helping bring future dreams and plans to life.

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HERitage: The Power of Connections

At our first HERitage event tailored to female landowners, we confirmed that women are leading in land ownership, and there are no strangers where there’s good food and great conversation.