Climate and Tillable FAQs

Frequently asked questions

No. The only way data will be shared with Tillable from FieldView is when a farmer consents to share it by linking their accounts.

Data will transfer to Tillable only once you as a farmer connect your Fieldview account to Tillable through an integration process on the Tillable platform. Only data for farms that are leased through the TIllable platform will be transferred.

Farm-level data (planting, yield, fertilization, etc.) will be used to create a record of farming activities and monitor the health and performance of the farm. No farmer can see any other farmer’s data, and Tillable does not and will not sell this data to third parties.

The reason data sharing is a requirement of leases on Tillable is that it’s important for landlords and farmers to have access to the same information. It demonstrates your experience and stewardship of the land, and ensures you’re both using the same reference points for discussions about the farm.

It’s expected to be complete for the 2020 planting season.

No. Neither FieldView nor Bayer have an ownership or investment interest in Tillable.