Tillable Data Policy

Tillable’s purpose is connecting Farmers and Landowners through opportunity and transparency with a goal of empowering the stewards of America’s Farms. Fundamental to this mission is our commitment to be clear about the data we collect from Farmers and Landowners, who has access to the data and how we use it.

You can read the details in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. While we encourage all Tillable users to fully read those pages, we know that sometimes these types of policies can be a bit overwhelming, and it can be difficult to find the specific information that’s most important to you. To make it as easy as possible to get the information you need, here are answers to the top questions folks typically have about data on Tillable.

Tillable has access to publicly available data, any data that a farmer directly makes available to Tillable, and data that is automatically collected when a farmer uses the Tillable website by use of commonly-used website tools such as cookies. This applies whether the data comes from a precision ag tool or written receipts.

There are four primary types of data collected by Tillable from users of the Tillable service: data as entered into a farmer profile, lease data about farms you rent through Tillable, data provided by landowners with respect to their property, and agronomic data that shows the activities that take place on farms leased through Tillable.

All farmers must share agronomic data as required by the terms of their lease. It’s our position that landowners and farmers have an equal right to the information about the productivity and stewardship activities on their farm. Farm-level data is crucial to the shared stewardship of the land, and we believe all the parties involved should have that information. The data is used not only to service and execute the terms of the lease, but to create reports that demonstrate farm performance and land stewardship expectations are being met.

You’re in control of the data that you provide to Tillable. In the case of your farmer profile, you may fill out as much or as little information as you’d like; however, if you’d like to make an offer to rent a farm through Tillable, you must fill out your profile completely. This information allows landlords to evaluate potential tenants on information other than price alone.

If you rent a farm through Tillable and need to share agronomic data as required by the terms of the lease, you must specifically consent to share this data. We’ll provide clear steps and instructions for how to submit data for your farm once the season begins, and our service team is always ready to help if you have questions. None of your agronomic data is shared unless you proactively share it or agree to share it, but it is your responsibility to provide the data for farms you lease through Tillable.

Our Privacy Policy also describes how to restrict certain technologies like cookies that automatically collect information when you navigate websites.

Tillable generally uses data to operate and improve the Tillable service and to facilitate transactions through the Tillable service.

By way of example:

  • When a farmer places an offer with a landlord, the farmer’s personal data included in its farmer profile will be shared with such landlord. This information is used as part of the farmer’s offer as the landlord or landowner evaluates potential tenants.
  • Tillable may use the contact information in your profile to notify you of farms available for rent in your area or share other important updates or useful information; we respect and honor all requests to opt out of these types of communications.
  • Other personal data, such as your contact details and banking information, are used to enable the administration of your lease.
  • Data about agronomic activity on a leased farm will be shared with Tillable and the landowner, and used to verify responsible farming practices. Tillable will compile this data into farm-specific reports that will be shared with both the farmer and the landowner.
  • Your farm data and lease data may also be de-identified or aggregated to assess and compare market performance, analyze user behaviors and trends, or for research and development purposes. This data, once aggregated or de-identified, does not identify you or the specific farm you rent through Tillable.

Examples of other uses described in our Privacy Policy include:

  • administering surveys, sweepstakes, promotions and contests;
  • providing you with newsletters or other promotional content related to our services or our third party partners’ services; and
  • responding to your questions or inquiries.

We have implemented a variety of measures, including technical, administrative and physical safeguards, that are designed to prevent unauthorized access to or use of both your personal and agronomic data. Even though data security is a very serious matter for Tillable, it’s important to remember that no security measures are perfect. Be cautious when you share personal data online and strong passwords are always recommended.

You can modify and manage your profile information at any time in your account settings. If you choose to delete your account, contact us with your request and a member of our support team will provide confirmation when your account has been removed. If you rent a farm through Tillable, information about your lease will remain available to the landowner indefinitely, including agronomic data collected on the farm. Tillable may retain other information pertaining to your farm operation or lease for legal compliance and operational purposes.

Changes to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions will be posted to Tillable’s website and applications, and will include an effective date that reflects when the changes were made. Other notices, such as email notification, will be provided as required by law or according to user preferences.

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