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Farmland Investor FAQs

Basics for farmland investors

We work closely with you to package our products and services in the way that will best meet your needs. For this reason, we offer customized proposals to each of our farmland investor customers. Contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll be happy to design the program that works best for you.
Quite a few. The Tillable platform includes digital lease management, document storage, ACH payments, data collection and benchmark reports to help you better track performance and identify investment opportunities. Need to find new farmers or understand the fair market value of your farms? You can use our price discovery service. Tillable’s tools do more than help you efficiently and securely organize your farmland investment portfolio. They give you deeper insights into how your assets are performing.
Yes! If you have multiple people who need to access and manage farm data, you can create logins for them for your overall account. We’ll work with you to make sure their permissions provide the right access for their roles.
Using our exclusive platform, you can list a property for rent at any time and receive offers from interested farmers. Once farmers make offers, you have access to their profiles and references, and can even speak directly with them to evaluate who you would prefer to operate on your land. Giving you unprecedented access to local farmers, our price discovery process greatly enhances your resources and assures that you receive fair market rent for your land.
Automatically. After a lease is signed, both the farmer and the landowner link a bank account to their Tillable account. Using ACH transfers, Tillable automatically collects the agreed-upon rent according to the designated schedule in the lease. Additional payments may be arranged as required.

DATA management & reporting

All types. Tillable’s platform helps organize and store digital records such as appraisals, easements, tile maps, capital improvement projects and more. Simply upload your documents and they’ll be stored in chronological order. For easy access, documents may be sorted by type and downloaded at any time. You can also choose which documents to share with your farmers.
Absolutely. Tillable can help large farmland investors migrate all your farms’ data to our platform. As part of our service, we’ll leverage existing shapefiles or create farm profiles based on existing legal documents. All historical documents provided to us in digital format can also be uploaded to the platform on a farm-by-farm basis.
One of two ways. 1) Digital forms sent to farmers via email, making it easy for them to self-report farm activity and upload supporting documents. 2) Integration of supported precision ag tools, where a farmer can authorize the sharing of information with Tillable and data can be collected automatically. From farm yields to soil management activities, your farm data is available at any time, and basic reports are provided two times per year.
A wide variety. For customers who use automated payments, our digital reports track performance and provide meaningful comparisons of your farmland to similar farms, as well as the Tillable index. This gives you a clearer understanding of how your farms and farmers perform across a number of categories including yields, soil management and rent. Tillable also provides reports on potential investment properties including soil maps, crop history and historical USDA yield and rent data. If available, we can also provide aggregated data on the size and density of farmers in the county, as well as information on projected rents.
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