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Landowner FAQs

BASICs for landowners

It’s simple. Lease your farmland to Tillable for 1 or 3 years and we’ll pay you upfront for the entire lease and manage your farmland—from finding a farmer to making sure your land is cared for long-term.
For landowners, there is no cost to lease your land to Tillable. Once you reach a leasing agreement with us and the lease is signed, we process payment immediately and you’re set for one to three growing seasons, depending on the terms of your lease.

hassle-free lease process

You can easily get started by filling out the form here. You’ll receive a call from one of our friendly Tillable representatives to gather some basic info on your farm (such as the location and the name of the official owner it’s taxed under). We need this info to be able to make an offer.
Our first step with every landowner who requests an offer is a free Farmland Checkup, which helps us learn more about your land, and helps you determine if the Hassle-Free Lease is the right fit for you. Your complimentary report will include your farm’s soil maps, crop history, productivity score and the thing landowners are usually most interested in seeing—a free rent evaluation. If the Hassle-Free Lease will help you achieve your goals for your farmland, we’ll send you an official offer to rent your farm, which will be based on the information from your Farmland Checkup.
Your offer will include two options: one for leasing your land to Tillable for one season, and the other for leasing your land to us for three seasons.
We’ll send you an Offer Acceptance Letter to sign, confirming your intent to rent your land to Tillable. One of our farmland specialists will visit your farm to do a physical inspection. You don’t need to be present for this. Once you accept your offer, we’ll aim to complete due diligence and lease signing within 7 business days.
Once your lease is signed with Tillable, we’ll pay the full lease amount immediately; this could be for one or three years, depending on the option you choose. This means you can easily take care of your lease and get paid in full for the next growing season, without having to worry about the effects of commodity prices, weather or other unforeseen risks.
Pretty fast. We strive to make an offer within 3 to 5 business days and have the lease ready for you to sign within 7 days of accepting your offer. You can expect full payment within 7 business days of lease signing.
It’s up to you. The sooner you accept your offer, the sooner we can move through the rest of the lease process, so our goal is to have that happen as soon as possible. However, there’s never an obligation to accept a cash rent offer from Tillable, and we’re here to work with you to make sure all your questions are answered.

data management & reporting

Your lease with Tillable will be signed digitally and stored on the Tillable platform. It will be available for you to review or download anytime.
Tillable will collect data on your farm from the farmer, including information on planting, yields, fertilizer applications and more. This creates a record of farm stewardship and performance, and also helps us ensure the land is being appropriately maintained.
One of two ways. 1) Digital forms sent to farmers via email, making it easy for them to self-report farm activity and upload supporting documents. 2) Integration of supported precision ag tools, where a farmer can authorize the sharing of information with Tillable and data can be collected automatically. From farm yields to soil management activities, your farm data is available at any time.
Basic reports are provided two times per year. Our digital reports track performance and provide meaningful comparisons of your farmland to similar farms, as well as the Tillable index. This gives you a clearer understanding of how your farm is performing across a number of categories including yields, soil management and rent.

caring for the land

It’s our overriding promise. From start to finish, we make sure your land is in as good or better condition than the way we found it. Tillable adheres to a comprehensive sustainability policy that guides our expectations of farmers, ensuring your land is treated with respect.

farmer selection

We’ll list your land on the Tillable platform and promote it to area farmers, including your current farmer, to ensure that we find the best person to rent and care for your farm. We feel it is important for the market to decide a fair rental price, and this means area farmers should have the opportunity to review and make offers on your farm. This also allows us to receive offers from multiple qualified farmers, and choose the most suitable farmer from the offers received.
You don’t need to do a thing. One of the benefits of renting your land to Tillable through our Hassle-Free Lease is that we’re responsible for finding a great farmer. We’re also assuming the risk associated with changes in the market, commodity prices, weather or other factors. Once you receive your payment, we take care of the rest, for the duration of your lease.

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