Tillable's Farmer Selection Process

Rest assured. Let Tillable handle the in’s and out’s of finding a quality, local farmer to protect the long-term value of your land.

How it works

The farmer selection process usually takes about 3 weeks from start to finish. 


Farmer Outreach

Advertisements to rent your farm are shown to local farmers within a 30 mile radius of your farm. An extensive marketing campaign using traditional and digital ads finds local, quality farmers. On average there are 57 farmers within 30 miles already using Tillable by each farm.


Review Offers & Interviews

Our farm outreach experts review each offer and farmer profile, selecting the best overall offer based on price, farmer experience, and sustainability plan. The top 2-3 farmers are then interviewed.


Farmer Selection

After reviewing all farmer’s operations, tillage practices, precision ag tools used, and soil sampling requirements, banking and trade references are called before a final selection is made.


Lease Signed

Once all due diligence is performed and the farmer has agreed to all requirements, a legally-vetted lease is signed. Your farmer then prepares to farm your land for the upcoming growing season.