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A Tillable farmer is efficient, curious and looking to consistently improve their craft. They are stewards of the land and understand why keeping consistent records of our farmland’s history will lead to sustainable outcomes.

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Why Tillable is the Best Farmland Leasing Option

Farmer Tillable Traditional
Search listings of land to rent in a specific area Checkmark-green
Submit blind offers Checkmark-green
Sign a written lease Checkmark-green
Use direct deposits Checkmark-green
Consistent process for sharing documentation of land stewardship Checkmark-green

“I’ve been able to lease several hundred additional acres this season.”

“I’ve found Tillable to be a simple, intuitive way to search for, assess and put under lease additional farm ground. The direct payment feature makes payment simple as well. I’ve been able to lease several hundred additional acres this season.”
Chris G.
Illinois Farmer

Are You Paying Fair Rent?

 Check out our complimentary rent calculator.

Are you paying fair rent?

 Check out our complimentary rent calculator.

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