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Take your operation to a new level.

Use Tillable to identify new fields to rent and optimize where you farm. Demonstrate excellent farming practices through data to build your reputation and your operation.

Helping Farmers Expand
Gain unprecedented access to land
Market your farming resume
Simplify administration with digital leases and automatic payments
Create an account to find farmland for rent in your area.

New Markets, New Opportunities

With Tillable’s revolutionary platform, it’s easier than ever to discover new farms to expand your operations.

Take an active role in promoting yourself as a potential tenant for land in your area—simply create a profile to get started.

  • Get access to farmland for rent near you

    With Tillable, you can quickly find land in your area that’s available for rent. Make offers on farmland that meets your criteria to have the opportunity to rent the land for the coming season.

  • Promote your farming operation

    Share your farming history, experience and goals for expansion—help those listing land for rent to recognize your value as a potential tenant.

  • Demonstrate your expertise

    By sharing the data you’re already collecting with precision agriculture tools, you’ll build your reputation as a great farmer. All information is stored on the Tillable platform for you and your landlord to see, strengthening your relationship and your connection to the land.

How does it work?

Finding and renting a farm with Tillable is simple.

  • 1

    Build a profile to showcase your experience to those listing farms for rent.

  • 2

    Search farms and mark your favorites.

  • 3

    Make offers on farms you are interested in renting for the coming season.

  • 4

    Sign a digital lease and pay the rent using automated payments

  • 5

    Use Tillable’s built-in tools for reporting to demonstrate your success and build your reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit Tillable Support for even more answers.
Tillable Support

  • What does it cost to use Tillable?

    Access to the Tillable platform, tools and support costs you nothing. Browse farms for free. If you sign a lease and rent a farm through Tillable, a platform fee of 2% of the gross rent for that farm applies.

  • Do I have to make an offer every year on a farm I found on Tillable?

    Not necessarily. After the first year, you and your landlord can choose to negotiate directly for future years. Continuing to manage leases, payments and data through Tillable ensures that necessary information is well-organized and always available.

  • Is this an auction? Does the highest offer always win?

    Tillable is not an auction platform, and all offers made on the platform are blind—farmers can’t see each other’s offers. Those listing land for rent will have different motivations when they choose a farmer, which makes your profile even more important. Criteria like experience, personality, commitment to farming or the local community and other factors can often carry more weight than the highest offer.

  • What are the reporting requirements?

    When you rent farmland through Tillable, you will be expected to share information on farm operations with your landlord. These reports may be simple document uploads from precision agriculture tools you’re already using (such as MyJohnDeere or Climate FieldView), the reports you receive from other sources such as your soil management contractor, scale tickets or other documentation. Other farmers and landlords on Tillable cannot see your data.

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