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“I’ve been able to lease several hundred additional acres this season.”

“I’ve found Tillable to be a simple, intuitive way to search for, assess and put under lease additional farm ground. The direct payment feature makes payment simple as well. I’ve been able to lease several hundred additional acres this season.”
Chris G.
Illinois Farmer

How the Hassle-Free Lease Farmer Selection Works

The farmer selection process usually takes about 3 weeks from start to finish. 


Find Land, Make Offer

After you create a free account with Tillable, you are able to search any of our farmland available to rent. Make a $/acre offer (based on what the farm is worth to you). We will ALWAYS keep your offer private. 


Your Offer & Interview

Our farm outreach experts review each offer and farmer profile, selecting the best overall offer based on price, farmer experience, and sustainability plans for the farm. The top 2-3 farmers are then interviewed. We prioritize farmers with robust profiles, so be sure to fully express yourself!


Reference Check

After reviewing top farmers’ operations and walking through the general terms of our lease, banking and trade references are called


Lease Signed

Once all due diligence is performed, a farmer is selected and our legally-vetted lease is signed. The farmer then prepares the land for the upcoming growing season.

Why Tillable is the Best Farmland Leasing Option

Tillable vs Traditional list
Farmer Tillable Traditional
Search listings of land to rent in a specific area Checkmark-green
Submit blind offers Checkmark-green
Sign a written lease Checkmark-green
Use direct deposits Checkmark-green
Consistent process for sharing documentation of land stewardship Checkmark-green
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The Basics of Maintaining Your Farm Operation

Wondering how to improve your maintenance of your farming operation? Here are a few things you can do and a few resources to get you started.

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Calculate Cash Rent

Learn how to easily calculate cash rent for rented farmland with this step-by-step guide.

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Data Collection: Beyond Yield Data

We talk a lot about why yield data is important, but there are other measures you should be tracking and many that precision ag tools can help you make use