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Farmland Investors

A better way to rent and manage farmland

Only Tillable provides the data and technology to help you optimize farmland investments,
all on one powerful platform.

Why Farmland Investors Like Tillable
Centralized Data Collection and Management
Comparative Performance Benchmarks
Price Discovery
Identification of Qualified Farmers
Support for Custom Digital Leases
Electronic Payment System
Are you ready to optimize your farmland portfolio to make smarter, better investment decisions?

Revolutionizing Farmland Rental

Through our first-of-its-kind online marketplace for farmland rental, Tillable provides investors with a powerful platform to better manage their farmland assets.

Our process, technology and tools help farmland investors determine if rent is in line with local market conditions, connect with suitable farmers, track and share data on the farm’s performance, and administer leases and collections—all in one place. Ultimately, we empower you to make the best decisions to optimize your farmland portfolio, while reducing the administrative overhead that can get in the way of higher-value activities.

  • Streamlined Administration

    Create a record of farming activities and automate data collection from your farmers, removing the challenge and complexity of maintaining and reporting from multiple data sources. Leases are digitally executed and stored for easy access, and electronic payments are made automatically, simplifying back office operations.

  • Track & Compare Performance

    Digital reports track performance and provide meaningful comparisons between your farms, to similar farms and to the Tillable index, helping you better understand how your farms and farmers performed across a number of categories including yields, soil management and rent.

  • Leverage the Power of the Marketplace

    Get access to data from the first and only farmland rental marketplace, helping you better manage risk, perform due diligence and understand rental demand for current and potential investments. Take advantage of the option to connect with suitable farmers to help you achieve your goals for your farmland.