The ABCs of Farmland Ownership

Quick, what’s “actual production history”? How about, “precision agriculture” or “micronutrients”? And most importantly, why should you care?

At Tillable, we are working hard to help every landowner feel as informed as possible about their land. That includes getting a handle on the vocabulary related to farming and farm leasing, so you can have more productive and meaningful conversations with the folks who help you take care of your farm. That’s why we’ve included all the terms you need to know—from the easy ones like “cash rent” and “flex lease” to the lesser-known ones like “biodynamic agriculture” and “pivot irrigation”—in one place.

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The Tillable story

illable was founded in 2017 to tackle a big, unaddressed problem: the inefficiency and lack of transparency in farmland rental that causes U.S. landowners to lose an estimated $8 billion per year, and prevents qualified farmers from finding new land to rent. Today, Tillable’s mission is to make renting farmland as easy, fast and fair as possible.

We start by helping landowners make better decisions about their farmland, giving them access to data, information
and options they’ve never had before. At the same time, we make it easier for farmers to responsibly expand operations through the first true online marketplace for farmland rental. In turn, farms thrive through more careful attention to the land and improved productivity. And when farms thrive, the people who own and care for the land thrive, too.

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Let us do your homework.

Do you have all the available data on your farmland? If not, you could find it the hard way—by contacting multiple sources and seeking out the latest data, trends and reports. Or you can take the easy route and let us do all the research for you—in just a few days. You have nothing to lose…and so much to gain.