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Is your farmer retiring or getting out of the business? Using our digital platform, Tillable has helped landowners throughout the Midwest find great farmers for their land, quickly—and we can help you, too. Just submit your information and a Tillable team member will be in touch.

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Three Steps to Finding a Farmer with Tillable

We’re excited to help you find a great tenant for 2021.
Here’s what happens next.

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One of our friendly Tillable reps will call you to discuss the details of your situation, so we can better understand how we might be able to help.

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Discuss Options

Our Hassle-Free Lease is the easiest way to take care of your farm for 2021 and beyond, but your Tillable rep will explain other options as well.

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Get Started

Whether you choose a Hassle-Free Lease or another option, we’ll help you find a farmer who will treat your land with respect.

Lease your farmland fast with no worry, no hassle.

With Tillable, it’s never been easier—or more profitable—to be a landowner. If you choose our Hassle-Free Lease option, you’ll:

How the farmer selection process works

The farmer selection process usually takes about 3 weeks from start to finish. 


Farmer Outreach

Advertisements to rent your farm are shown to local farmers within a 30 mile radius of your farm. An extensive marketing campaign using traditional and digital ads finds local, quality farmers. On average there are 57 farmers within 30 miles already using Tillable by each farm.


Review Offers & Interviews

Our farm outreach experts review each offer and farmer profile, selecting the best overall offer based on price, farmer experience, and sustainability plan. The top 2-3 farmers are then interviewed.


Farmer Selection

After reviewing all farmer’s operations, tillage practices, precision ag tools used, and soil sampling requirements, banking and trade references are called before a final selection is made.


Lease Signed

Once all due diligence is performed and the farmer has agreed to all requirements, a legally-vetted lease is signed. Your farmer then prepares to farm your land for the upcoming growing season.

Frequently asked questions

It’s simple. Lease your farmland to Tillable for 1 or 3 years and we’ll pay you upfront for the entire lease and manage your farmland—from finding a farmer to making sure your land is cared for long-term. 

Pretty fast. We strive to make an offer within 3 to 5 business days and have the lease ready for you to sign within 7 days of accepting your offer. You can expect full payment within 7 business days of lease signing. 

It’s our overriding promise. From start to finish, we make sure your land is in as good or better condition than the way we found it. Tillable adheres to a comprehensive sustainability policy that guides our expectations of farmers, ensuring your land is treated with respect.

Yes. While we believe we can provide the most value to landowners through our Hassle-Free Lease, we also offer a Price Discovery option for landowners who need to find a new tenant. Your Tillable rep can explain our Price Discovery option in more detail.

The Tillable story

illable was founded in 2017 to tackle a big, unaddressed problem: the inefficiency and lack of transparency in farmland rental that causes U.S. landowners to lose an estimated $8 billion per year, and prevents qualified farmers from finding new land to rent. Today, Tillable’s mission is to make renting farmland as easy, fast and fair as possible.

We start by helping landowners make better decisions about their farmland, giving them access to data, information and options they’ve never had before. At the same time, we make it easier for farmers to responsibly expand operations through the first true online marketplace for farmland rental. In turn, farms thrive through more careful attention to the land and improved productivity. And when farms thrive, the people who own and care for the land thrive, too.

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Could your farmland

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Your land is your greatest asset. As your partner, we take great pride in making sure you receive fair rent, and that your farm is protected for the future. Simply fill out the form to get your Hassle-Free Lease started.