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Tillable harnesses the power of current market data and combines it with our revolutionary digital platform to establish a fair rental offer.

Hassle Free Lease

Get Paid 1 or 3 years up front
  • Hassle-Free Management
  • Greater Profits
  • Detailed Farm Reports

Farm Management

Tools to Help Manage Your Farm
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Price Discovery

Find Your Farm's True Market Rental Value
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Find a Farmer Fast

Need a new farmer?
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Hassle-Free Lease

Tillable takes away the burden of farmland ownership—by paying you upfront for 1 or 3 years…finding a farmer and negotiating lease contracts…and making sure your land is cared for long-term. 

  • Choose our 1- or 3-year Hassle-Free Lease
  • Get paid in full quickly
  • Enjoy greater profits and peace of mind
  • Experience a hassle-free growing season
  • Receive detailed farmland reports

Farm Management Platform

Are you ready to step into the future of farmland rental? Tillable makes it easy:

  • Earn 1 to 3 years of rental income upfront
  • Eliminate the financial risk of fluctuating markets
  • Stop worrying about the weather report
  • Get the data to prove your farm is in good hands

Price Discovery

Tillable works to bring balance to the farming industry, by assuring rental agreements are fair to landowners and farmers alike, and that all data is openly shared so landowners have a clear picture of yields, fertilizer usage and more.

Find a Farmer Fast

The value of your land can be best measured in clear, indisputable data. Our platform keeps all important information and documents in one place, creating a clear history of your annual yields and income. It also assures that, should they need it, the next generation will have all pertinent records and leases right at their fingertips.

Cultivate knowledge

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Your land is your greatest asset. As your partner, we take great pride in making sure you receive fair rent, and that your farm is protected for the future. Get started with our Free Farmland Checkup.

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It is not too late to request a Hassle-Free Lease quote. If your land is eligible, we will quickly turn around our cash offer for 1, 2, or 3 growing seasons.