Getting Started With Tillable Farm Management

4 steps to create your Tillable Farm Management account

1. Claim your farm.

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A) From your Home Page, click “Claim My Farmland” on the right side of the screen.

B) Enter your city, address, county, state, or zip code in the search bar and click on your parcels using the map. Then click on “Add parcel to farm.”

C) You’ll see a pop-up that asks you to confirm tillable acreage. Ensure that the total tillable acres add up to the tillable acres in your lease agreement. You can add as many fields as you like to your farm. When you are finished adding fields, hit the green “Confirm fields” button.

D) You’ll now be asked some details about your relationship to the farm, and then name the farm. Follow the prompts!

  • Remember, if you are the landowner, make sure the legal entity (or entities) you enter matches the name and address of the tax bill for the property.

E) Congratulations! You created a farm. Click “View farm” to access the crop history, soil rating, and our Tillable rent estimate.

2. Create or upload a lease and invite your farmer.

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A) From your Home Page, click “My Farms”, and select the farm for which you want to create or upload a lease. From here, click on “Leases” (it’s on the left side of the screen if you’re on a computer. Scroll down if you’re on your phone), then click “Create new lease”. Follow the prompts!

B) You can create a lease using a Tillable template or you can upload a signed PDF copy of your existing lease.

  • If you create a lease using a Tillable template, you will have the option to create a cash lease or use our standard flex format. You will also have the option to add extras like grain storage, or our carbon/sustainability addendum. If our standard add-ons don’t fit your needs, you can add on your own addendums by uploading and attaching a PDF.
  • If you upload your own copy of the lease, you will be asked to confirm a few lease details.

C) Press the “Send Lease” button and your farmer will receive an email that the lease is ready for their signature. After your farmer signs the lease, you’ll get an email requesting your signature.

D) Congratulations! Your lease has been signed. It will remain in the “Leases” tab of your account, should you wish to check in on the terms throughout the season.

Note: if you select electronic payments while setting up your lease, you will be prompted to set up your bank account prior to sending the lease.

3. Invite family members or partners.

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A) Go to “Account Settings” up the top right of the screen, then select “My Organization”

B) Under “User Accounts”, click “Add New User” to invite family members that should have access to the information,

C) Once they’re added, you can use the three dots next to their name to choose whether they should be a co-signer on the lease or just have access to farm information.

4. Upload important records.

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A) Click “My Farms” from the Home Page and select the farm for which you want to upload documents.

B) Click the “Documents” button – it will be on the left side of the screen on a computer (scroll down if you’re on your phone).

C) Click the green “Upload” button to search your device for any documents.

D) Once you’ve added the document, you can click the three dots next to the document name. You will see a list of actions you can take.

  • If you want to control who can see the document, click on “Manage Permissions”, and you may edit who has access.  

E) Congratulations! Communicating with your farmer just became so easy.