Pricing and Fees

The fees that Tillable charges to farmers for our services are simple and driven by the value that we create for you.

There will be a farmers transaction fee assessed to farmers who rent land through the Tillable platform. An annual fee of 2% will be assessed for each year that the farmer operates on land listed on the platform and will be collected at the time that a rental payment is submitted to the landowner. Additionally, there will be a 5% security deposit collected at the time of lease execution and will be applied against that year’s rental payment.


Gross rent on newly acquired land: $250/acre x 150 acres = $37,500.00
Tillable fees: 2.0%
Farmer fee assessment: $750.00

This fee applies to each year that the farmer operates on the land and will be adjusted for annual changes that take place to the gross rent.

Farmers on the Tillable platform but do not sign a lease or otherwise transact through the platform will not be charged any fees.