Pricing and Fees for Farmers

The fees that Tillable charges to farmers for our services are simple and driven by the value that we create for you.

Access to the Tillable platform, tools and support costs you nothing. Browse farms for free. If you sign a lease and rent a farm through Tillable, a platform fee of 2% of the gross rent for that farm applies for each year that you operate on the land rented through the platform.


Gross rent on newly acquired land: $250/acre x 150 acres = $37,500.00

Tillable fees: 2.0%

Farmer fee: $750.00

This 2% fee applies to each year that the farmer operates on the land; however, the total 
fee amount will vary depending on annual changes that take place to the gross rent.

Farmers on the Tillable platform who do not sign a lease or otherwise transact through the 
platform will not be charged any fees.