Farmer Basics

This video is a great starting point, but read on below for more information.

Once a farm has an offer deadline set, that farm is available to start accepting offers. Prior to submitting an offer on any farm, each farmer must fill out an Operations Profile. The offer you submit is not binding, but it is a good faith offer and should be a number that you are confident in based on available information. You will have an opportunity to speak to the landlord prior to signing a lease, at which point the offer does become binding.

The basics to submitting an offer are:

1. Go to the farm detail page of a farm you wish to make an offer on and review the farm description

2. Click the “Make Offer” button to review any special requirements, the farm’s lease type (cash), and payment schedule.

3. Input the price per acre for the farm to create your good faith offer.

4. Enter a message to the landlord indicating your interest in the farm and what differentiates you from other farmers, your vision for the farm, and any additional information you think they should have.

5. Click “Submit Offer.” Your offer will then be submitted and visible to the landlord after the offer deadline.

6. Wait for the landlord to message you after the offer deadline.

7. Speak with the landlord and negotiate any additional terms and establish a common vision for how the farm will be managed.

8. Sign the Digital Lease agreement.

9. Set up payments through the Tillable platform.

Note: You can modify your offer amount any time before the offer deadline. You can cancel your offer any time before or after the deadline.