What is the Lease Length?

Tillable supports one-year leases. However, once you rent a farm through Tillable, you have the opportunity to work directly with your landlord on the lease for future years. When you make an offer, you should create a shared vision and plan for the farm. If you execute toward that vision and build a relationship with your landlord, then the expectation is that you will continue to have the opportunity to farm that land. A one-year lease forces an annual check-in and accountability toward the goals that you have established, and to discuss any improvements or investments you want to make on the land.


Tillable’s data collection helps independently verify a farmer’s execution of the farm plan, helping to foster a multi-year relationship that allows the farm to remain a part of your operation for the long term. Continuing to manage leases, payments and data through Tillable ensures that necessary information is well-organized and always available.