Adding a Field (or Fields)

The first step after you sign up for Tillable is to list your land on our platform. The listing will outline your farm’s features similar to as if you were going to list your house for sale. You will be guided through the following steps:

  1. Add a Field – A farm can be made up of one or more fields.  Start by adding your first field.  This step includes locating your first field on a map. You will need to confirm the tillable acreage of the field and then name your field.
  2. Field History – This step includes adding a field description and specifying the crop history.  You can also specify the Productivity Index of the soils.  These steps are all optional but we recommend you include as much information as you have available.
  3. Field Attributes – A field may have many custom attributes.  We included a list of possible options (i.e. grain storage and drain tiling). If your field has any of these options check the box and then you can add further details of the feature.
  4. Media – In this step you can upload images, maps, documents, or even videos of this field.  This information can be very helpful in attracting possible tenants.