Farm Details

After you have added a field to your farm you can finalize your Farm Details.  If you would like to add an additional field or fields to this farm you should do that first.  During this step we will collect additional information necessary to list your farm:

  1. The first thing you must do is name your farm and include a farm description. Tillable will provide an autogenerated farm name that can be used but you can override this and choose your own farm name. We require the farm name not include the owner or current farmer’s name  in the title.  Additionally, you must also specify if the farm was rented during the prior year.
  2. Farm History – If the farm was rented in the prior year, you will need to fill out some information regarding the prior year’s lease. In this step we also ask for optional information regarding the farm and tenant history. Providing this information will make your farm more attractive to potential renters.