Obtaining Offers

After your land has been listed on the Tillable platform an “offer deadline” will be established by you and the Tillable team. For example, let’s use December 1. All farmers who have an interest in operating on your property for the upcoming growing season will be notified of the offer deadline and must submit offers before this deadline.  Please take note that your listing will not have any type of recommended rental price listed. This not only alleviates you from the burden of price speculation, it also prevents any type of bias to be established on the part of offerers which could potentially harm the process of determining fair market value.

Following the offer deadline date, communications with potential tenants can begin. The offer amount of each potential tenant and their respective grower profiles will assist you in any discussions you wish to have. You will not be exposed to unwanted, untimely or undesirable phone calls, emails or text messages. You are in control over how much or how little interaction takes place between you and potential tenants.