Tillable Hassle-Free Lease

Your farmland, made easy.

Rent your farm to Tillable and relax – Tillable lists your land, negotiates with a farmer, and tracks sustainable farm activity on your behalf. We pay your rent upfront and take it from there.

How It Works

Request your offer

Give us the basics - where you're located and the size of your farm.

Your offer prepared

We'll prepare an offer for you. A Tillable team member will walk you through it and take your feedback.

Your land appraised

Love your offer? Great, your farm is ready for a visit. Pick a date and we will see you soon.

Sign and celebrate

The lease is paid when you want it (and that can be tomorrow!). We take care of the rest, updating you through the season (like this).

On Average, Working With Tillable Means...

25 %
more rent than the USDA County Average
local bids per farm. Our rent estimate is based on real-time market data
100 %
of payments made on time. We have never (and will never) miss a payment to our customers

What Can We Guarantee?

If you’re having trouble finding a farmer or just want to better understand your farm’s market value, give us a call. It’s free!

Hassle Free Lease mockup

“Tillable cared about the story of our land and simplified things for us.”

“My wife and I bought our land in the 60s and farmed it for 40 years. A few years ago, we rented to a farmer who, it turned out, hadn’t been taking great care of the land. Tillable cared about the story of our land and simplified things for us so that we have guaranteed income.”
Doug T.
Wisconsin Landowner

“I definitely recommend Tillable to any landowner who wants to ensure they’re getting a fair rental price for their land.”

"I was unsure of what the revenue on my land should be, and didn't know the best way to approach a new agreement with a new farmer. Tillable made the process easy to lease my farm directly, while also knowing I would have more visibility into how the selected farmer would be caring for my land. I definitely recommend Tillable to any landowner who wants to ensure they're getting a fair rental price for their land, while also making the leasing process as quick and seamless as possible."
Patrick M.
Illinois Landowner

“I loved the process and how Tillable handled everything.”

“I bought farmland after retiring, and was in need of a farmer for my property. I heard about Tillable from a farmer in my area. I found that the people I worked with were very professional and made sure they were in touch right away. The website was easy to use and I liked the maps that they provided me. Overall, I loved the process and how Tillable handled everything. It was a win-win situation. I plan to work with Tillable in the future!”
Doug F.
Missouri Landowner

Why Tillable is the Best Farmland Leasing Option

Tillable vs Traditional list

How We Select A Farmer


Farmer Outreach

(2-4 weeks)

Advertisements to rent your farm are shown to local farmers within a 30 mile radius of your farm. An extensive marketing campaign using traditional and digital ads finds local, quality farmers. On average, there are 57 farmers within 30 miles already using Tillable by each farm.


Review Offers & Interviews

(3-5 days)

Our farm outreach experts review each offer and farmer profile, selecting the best overall offer based on price, farmer experience, and sustainability plan. The top 2-3 farmers are then interviewed.


Farmer Selection

(1-2 days)

After reviewing all farmers’ operations and tillage practices, banking and trade references are called before a final selection is made.


Lease Signed

(1-2 days)

Once all due diligence is performed and the farmer has agreed to all requirements, a legally-vetted lease is signed. Your farmer prepares to farm your land for the upcoming season.

How Tillable Hassle-Free lease Compares to Other Tillable Services