Land Sales Bulletin and Tillable Team Up to Unlock Better Farmland Sale Data For Agriculture

Land Sale Bulletin is a premier provider of farmland sales transactions across the midwest and is used by banks, appraisers, brokers and investors to understand farmland values and market trends.

Land Sales Bulletin has generously provided limited sale information through the Tillable Platform to help our users better understand the value of their farmland and be aware of transactions nearby farms they own.  However, the information provided via Tillable is a fraction of the sale data stored and housed by Land Sales Bulletin.  In addition to the parcels involved in a transaction, acres, soil class, date and the sale price, Land Sales Bulletin also records the seller and buyer’s information, document number, deed type, improvements, and legal description.

For prices and more information on how to access more detailed records from Land Sales Bulletin please click here

We thank Land Sales Bulletin for working with us to bring our users the best data on farmland sales in the industry!

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