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The most powerful tool to help you manage your farm.

With Tillable Plus, you and your family can now oversee your farm with complete control. Instantly gain better insights with Tillable’s digital lease and record tracking. Better yet, keep the strong relationship you already have with your current farmer.

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Meet Your New, Digital Farm Hand

Add your farm on Tillable Plus today and access the following:

Keep Your Current Farmer

Love your farmer? Keep your farmer. Enhance your relationship with a tool that keeps everyone on the same page.


customizable Lease Templates

Protect your asset. Easily fill out a legally vetted lease template perfect for your farm.


SEcure Digital Payments

Always be paid on time with the ability to schedule secure, digital lease payments with your farmer.

Cloud record storage

Leave paper records behind. Keep a history of your farm’s annual performance with the ability to upload and access all your farm’s activity data.


Annual Rent Review

Ensure you are paid fairly with an annual review to benchmark your fair rent.


Share Records with Family

Keep the family up to date with easy sharing and access to all farm records

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Farm Activity Tracking

Simple tool for farmers to upload data and update landowners on farm activities, with an annual report provided after harvest.

How Tillable Plus Compares to Other Tillable Land Management Services

“The platform makes it easy for me to share important updates with my landlord.”

I’ve been farming with my family for over 12 years. The folks at Tillable are great to work with and have become an important part of our team. The platform makes it easy for me to share important updates with my landlord and easily sign lease agreements. We are looking forward to working with Tillable for many years to come!
Illinois Farmer

“The digital payment system has been invaluable as I build my land portfolio.”

“As an absentee farmland investor, Tillable allowed me to better understand the local rental market and tenant landscape around my farm. Combining this knowledge with a digital payment system has been invaluable as I build my land portfolio.”
Zach M.
Illinois Landowner

The Tillable Story

Tillable was founded in 2017 to tackle a big, unaddressed problem: the inefficiency and lack of transparency in farmland rental that prevents qualified farmers from finding new land to rent. Today, Tillable’s mission is to make renting and managing farmland as easy, fast and fair as possible.

We start by helping landowners make better decisions about their farmland, giving them access to data, information and options they’ve never had before. At the same time, we make it easier for farmers to responsibly expand operations through the first true online marketplace for farmland rental. In turn, farms thrive through more careful attention to the land and improved productivity. And when farms thrive, the people who own and care for the land thrive, too.

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Tillable Plus is a digital assistant to help make managing your farmland as easy and insightful as possible. Run your farmland like a professional ag investor without spending a penny.