Matt Didier Headshot

Matt Didier

VP of Product

After Matt Didier earned his bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Purdue University, he spent seven years in project engineering and management with Hayward Baker, a leading geotechnical engineering and construction firm. He joined Tillable in December 2017 and, as vice president of product, has played a major role in developing the various parts of the business. Today he manages the technical initiatives that support all aspects of the company’s operations.

Matt’s connection to the ag community is deep—he grew up on the family farm, just outside Chicago, where his grandmother still lives in the house where her family lived when she was born.

With a firsthand understanding of what it takes to be successful in farming today, Matt was immediately impressed by the Tillable idea. “When Corbett (Kull) explained the concept, I knew this was something my father would like to have had back in the day.”

What we’re really trying to do is solve a problem that forever has been very manual and analog, by leveraging technology to streamline the way farmland owners and farmers get connected.

One of the great things about working at Tillable, Matt says, is being able to solve very traditional farming problems, taking something that shouldn’t be challenging or difficult and streamlining it by taking out some of the inefficiencies.

Beyond that, Matt notes that the Tillable solution is minimally disruptive. “In farming communities and families, it’s a generational thing,” he says. “You do things the way your parents did…and keeping that kind of tradition alive is really important. We’re trying to make sure that we’re not being so disruptive that we’re taking that personal aspect out of things.”