Tyler Maier Headshot

Tyler Maier

Software Engineer

Tyler Maier joined the Tillable software engineering team in May 2018. He works primarily on the front end of the Tillable platform, which means he is at least partly responsible for the screens that users see and interact with.

A Denver native, Tyler spent 6 years in the U.S. Navy, including 4 years on a Seattle-based aircraft carrier, after which he enrolled in the pre-med program at Metropolitan State University of Denver. After earning his bachelor’s degree in biology, he did field testing for an environmental science firm where a coworker suggested he look into software development. Tyler signed up for an online course, and soon discovered it was a good fit. “It became an every night hobby for me, to practice and build more and play around. And before long, I realized that this was definitely a career for me, because it didn’t feel like work.”

During a 6-month immersive coding bootcamp in Denver, he discovered his calling in web development. He moved to Chicago and soon after joined Tillable.

When I interviewed at Tillable, I was already hooked at the first meeting. I knew this was where I wanted to be.

What convinced Tyler to sign on with Tillable? “For the most part, it was the people. Every single person I met made the decision for me, essentially.”

When asked what he likes best about Tillable, Tyler says it actually goes beyond the people to include “how we move, and how fast we can grow. It was a real milestone right at my one-year point to see how far we had come and what we had accomplished.”

Flexibility is a key part of that success, he says. “One of the good things about being a startup is you’re not just making a product, but you’re also trying to find fit. Being able to be flexible on where you want to go is a huge draw.”

Does he have a favorite project to this point? “I think it’s building the dashboard for farmland investors, which has been an opportunity to create something essentially from scratch to meet the specific needs of those customers. It’s been a more fleshed out project than simply building little addendum features or adjusting one aspect or another.”

Tyler says his prior connection to agriculture was tenuous at best. “Other than building my own greenhouse in Denver and growing key lime trees from seeds leftover from making a key lime pie, that’s about it.” But he says his limited experience in both ag and the software development industry has helped make him an integral part of the enterprise. “I’ve got more of a history outside of the job I’m currently doing in the industry. Being a seasoned employee with military experience gives me a unique viewpoint for the team.”