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At the heart of our company is our team, who is deeply committed to protecting our farmland while helping
landowners and farmers thrive. 

Our Story

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Tillable was founded in 2017 to tackle a big, unaddressed problem which is the inefficiency and lack of transparency in farmland. These inefficiencies cause:

  • U.S. landowners to lose an estimated $8 billion per year in rental income
  • Prevent qualified farmers from finding new farmland to rent and expand their business

Today, Tillable’s mission is to make owning and renting America’s Farmland simple and sustainable for generations to come.

We start by helping landowners make better decisions about their farmland, giving them access to data, information and options they’ve never had before. At the same time, we make it easier for farmers to responsibly expand operations.

In turn, farms thrive through more careful attention to the land and improved productivity. And when farms thrive, the people who own and care for the land thrive, too.

Our Team

Corbett Kull headshot

Corbett Kull

Founder and CEO

Chris Sprehe headshot

Chris Sprehe

VP of Engineering

Jamieson Potter Headshot

Jamieson Potter

VP of Sales

Kavitha Sampath headshot

Kavitha Sampath

Head of Farm Financing

Rodney Egizii

Director of Brokerage Services

Jordan Kull Headshot

Jordan Kull

Director of Marketing


Tim Woods

Head of Farmland Management

Dave Nicola

Head of Operations and Finance


Jim Shannon

Head of Brokerage Operations

Jessi Underhill headshot

Jessi Underhill

Senior Manager, Farm Operations

Cally Jacque headshot

Cally Jacque

Art Director

Stephanie Medeiros

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Stephanie Leka

Brokerage Operations Manager

Kristopher Evans headshot

Kristopher Evans

Inside Sales Executive

Annie Lauer headshot

Annie Lauer

Sales Administrator

Taylor Ebersole

Digital Marketing Associate

Zach Brugman Headshot

Zach Brugman

Lead Product Designer

Mike Parent Headshot

Mike Parent

Software Engineer

Tyler Maier Headshot

Tyler Maier

Software Engineer

Pablo Lopez Domowicz

Software Engineer

Bill Van Der Laan

Software Engineer

Ross Carter

Customer Experience Manager

Mason Troendle headshot

Mason Troendle

Farm Real Estate Broker

Ross Albert

Farm Real Estate Broker


Joe Bradley

Farm Real Estate Broker


Tucker Runyon

Farm Real Estate Broker


Chase Steggall

Farm Real Estate Broker


Chad Michel

Farm Real Estate Broker

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