Annie Lauer headshot

Annie Lauer

Sales Administrator

Annie Lauer joined Tillable in early October 2019 as Sales Administrator. In that role, she provides lead qualifying and process optimization support for the sales team as well as administrative support for the customer experience team. She is also leading the implementation of an enterprise-wide customer relationship management package. 

A native of Hammond, Indiana, Annie earned her degree from Purdue University, where she studied communications, public relations and journalism. Annie says the nine years in her prior position as an educational consultant for the publishing house Loyola Press prepared her well for her position at Tillable.

“It helps that I came from a sales background because that’s who I’m supporting,” Annie says. “I’m a big believer that you can’t support someone if you don’t know what their job is or you haven’t done it.” She says she is looking forward to helping Tillable’s sales team find and adopt processes that will make their jobs easier.

Being in sales most of my career, I’m a big "people person." And you come to find that most people will go above and beyond even for total strangers. I’ve always been driven by supporting others, which is why this role is perfect for me.

Why did she sign on with Tillable? Annie says it’s partly because the company has such a unique offering—“I hadn’t really heard of anything like it,” she says—but also because it is a mission-driven startup. “Not only are we providing a service that has great value, we also do try to help people. And I really like that concept.”