Anoop Aryal

Software Engineer

Anoop Aryal is one of the earlier additions to the Tillable team. He has been writing software for the platform since early 2018.

Anoop earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from Miami University and Roosevelt University, but his connection to the ag world started much earlier.

Anoop was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, where his grandfather was a farmer. “He quit the city life and bought a farm, and that’s what he loved doing. And that’s where I learned how to drive—on a tractor. I guess my parents figured if they put me on a tractor in the middle of an empty field I couldn’t do any damage. Mind you, this was a tractor with a huge gearshift. I was so small I had to climb off the seat, use the gearshift, then climb back up on it and keep driving.”

We’ve made solid progress on the Tillable platform, and it feels like we’re moving forward at a good pace.

Anoop says he likes the fast-paced environment of startups, which he has been involved in for almost his entire career. “So, when I met Corbett and learned about what he was planning, it was the right time and joining Tillable sounded like the right thing to do. Things fell into place really nicely early on and we were able to make a lot of headway.”

What has been a surprise to learn at Tillable? “That there’s so much work being done to classify soils,” Anoop says. “I’d drive by farms all the time, but I never put much thought into the amount of effort that goes into soil classification.”