Brittany Martin Headshot

Brittany Martin

Director of Customer Experience

Brittany Martin came to Tillable in the fall of 2018 and serves as the director of customer experience, which means she’s responsible for supporting the success of farmers and landowners using the platform. For farmers, she makes sure that they understand how to use the tools, and that they’re easily able to use Tillable to expand their operations. She works with landowners in account management, answering questions but also making sure that the Tillable process is working for them and that they are getting the support they need. She collects feedback, and represents the customer perspective internally, looking for ways to improve the Tillable platform and processes to provide even more value to them.

After earning her bachelor’s degree in communication and management from Western Illinois University, Brittany started her career as a recruiter, working for several Chicago firms recruiting in I.T. and engineering. When her husband’s firm transferred him to London, she spent a year as a recruiter there as well.

After their return to the states, Brittany joined Climate Corporation. “I’ve always had a really deep appreciation for agriculture, and I recognize the importance of the products and services that support it,” she says.

When an opportunity arose to join the Tillable team, Brittany jumped at the chance. “I have a lot of respect for products or services that are trying to address a problem where there is no other solution,” she says.

We have a really good team at Tillable, and I feel really lucky to be a part of it. Everyone is very driven, very collaborative. They all really want to see Tillable succeed and care about our customers.

What does Brittany like best about Tillable? “It’s really the people all around. I enjoy the conversations I get to have with both the farmers and landowners, and understanding their needs, and always either being able to explain to them how Tillable can help with their needs or how Tillable benefits them.”

The complex challenge of creating a successful digital product has been fascinating to Brittany. “I’ve gained a whole understanding of what goes into making a digital product work,” she says. “My perspective as a user was always, ‘Why doesn’t it just do that?’ But now, being an insider, I see how things that seem simple to a user are very intricate for an engineering team to develop and create. There are so many things that I have a new appreciation for when I see a digital product that is fully developed.”