Cally Jacque headshot

Cally Jacque

Art Director

Cally Jacque joined the Tillable family in mid-2019 as a senior graphic designer with Tillable’s marketing group. One of her primary responsibilities is maintaining and continuing to develop the company’s brand, shaping the visual presentation of both web and print materials.

Cally eased into her role at Tillable by starting part-time soon after becoming a new mother. The company’s flexibility in that regard was a real plus, she says. “I was concerned with going from being at home all day with our newborn child for several months to going full-speed-ahead working 40 hours,” she says. “I didn’t really love that idea. So, when I saw the part-time Tillable position that had the ‘opportunity to extend,’ I thought it might work out well.” And it has. Cally says the company’s flexibility and willingness to accommodate her transitional needs have been just what she needed. “I couldn’t have asked for anything better.”

Even before coming aboard full time, Cally logged a notable milestone at Tillable. “When we were setting up the Farmland Checkup a few months ago, it was a challenge finding the balance between the information that needed to be there, making it look interesting, and also communicating the objective,” Cally says. “Ultimately, the success of that design has become a jumping off point for other Tillable designs, keeping them on brand, but also pushing to make sure they’re still modern and polished.”

That type of challenge is right up Cally’s alley—she graduated from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater with a major in graphic design and a second major in advertising.

Branding is where my passions are, so it was great to come to Tillable, where they had just developed a new set of ideas, and to start shaping the brand.

There were some concerns, she admits, about how easily she could break out of the pink and purple unicorn world—she had just finished a two-year stint as a designer for the retail chain Claire’s, which caters to young women, tweens and teens. But it turns out Cally’s brand-oriented approach to graphic design has been a great fit at Tillable. And that’s a good thing, because it’s now an ingrained part of her.

“I’ve always known I wanted to be a graphic designer,” Cally says. “I took a career aptitude test in 8th grade that gave me ‘art director’ as a potential career. That led me to look into graphic design, which I stuck with that through high school and college, and I’ve loved it every step of the way.”

Although she says her roots are “very suburban,” Cally’s in-laws and some family members own farmland, some of which they rent out. Even so, she says, her time at Tillable has been a real learning experience.

“I never realized the agricultural industry was so technologically savvy,” she says. “There is so much that goes into it—the soil, the weather, the seed. I definitely under-estimated the amount of work that truly goes into not just farming and owning a farm, but all of the other factors that go along with it.”