Catherine McCourtney

Marketing Coordinator

Catherine McCourtney is responsible for coordinating Tillable’s various marketing activities on a day to day basis, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks and that all of the company’s marketing efforts are synced to present a coherent market presence. She joined the Tillable family in December 2018, starting work the same day as VP of Marketing Jessie Atchison.

Prior to joining Tillable, Catherine was in the Chicago office of a national media company. She first heard about Tillable from her grandfather, a retired landowner from Aurora, Ill., where she grew up (and went to the same elementary school where he had gone). So, when she came across a job posting for Tillable, it rang a bell.

“The vetting process, when Tillable is hiring, is very thorough, which is nice,” Catherine says. “I appreciated that a lot, and it was a very positive experience from day one. The culture is very important to the Tillable leadership, and that shows in the team that we have.”

It’s fun to come to work and be friends with your team, and your managers, and not feel scared or intimidated.

Catherine says she has been surprised to see how rapidly Tillable is growing. “I was part of the first 12 or 13 people, and now we’re over 30 and it’s only been a few months. I just didn’t know it could grow that quickly and that things could move that fast. That was a shock, but it’s pretty exciting.”

Among her favorite Tillable milestones so far: the infusion of energy that came with Series A funding.

“It has been really cool to be part of a company in the stages before getting funding, and then to see what funding looks like. I hadn’t experienced that before, and it definitely fostered a cool sense of community in our small group to see that our work was paying off.”

What is her favorite part of working at Tillable? “I really think it’s the people that make a big difference. There’s a big sense of community and wanting everyone to do well. It’s not like a competitive feeling here—everyone is cheering each other on.”