Jamieson Potter Headshot

Jamieson Potter

VP of Sales

As Tillable’s vice president of sales, Jamie’s primary goal is to build the business by working with landowners big and small to help them understand how Tillable can provide them with the tools and information they need to better manage their incredibly valuable asset: their farm.

Jamie’s interesting and unique background has given him insight into the problems facing the agricultural industry today and the solutions that Tillable can provide. Although he grew up on a “gentleman’s farm,” Jamie says, “My background is not in big ag and row crop farming. We had an old Ford 8n tractor for a while, but no planters.” The family also had horses and chickens, a big garden, and some fruit trees, but none of their income came from farming.

After studying at Stanford, Jamie lived in Beijing, China, for much of his early career, where he worked in a management consulting firm helping venture capital companies assess their entry strategy to China, or in some cases, plan a quick exit. “For some companies, their best China strategy was to not be in China,” he says.

After returning to the United States, Jamie worked for several years with Tillable founder Corbett Kull at PacketVideo. “After that, we kept in touch. One day he gave me a call, we ended up brainstorming on the concept of Tillable, and I joined the company in January 2018.” 

A lot of people inherit farmland or buy it as an investment, and Tillable can be a valuable tool for improving the way that farmland is managed.

What got Jamie interested in joining the Tillable team? “I’ve been in software my whole life, and what I see here is a $32 billion market that is inefficient. So, I could not pass up the opportunity to come into an industry with an asset class that’s worth so much that has been untouched by software and yet has this lack of efficiency and lack of transparency.”