Jenna Pohl

Regional Sales Manager, Illinois

Jenna Pohl started with Tillable in June 2019 as sales manager for the state of Illinois. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs, so it is no surprise that she was drawn to Tillable. “Everybody in my immediate family owns their own business, so we are always thinking outside the box,” Jenna says. “And at Tillable, you could say I’ve been given ‘the horse and the reins.’ I first have the state of Illinois but can go wherever the opportunity arises and I have the ability to still think outside the box. I can still think like an entrepreneur because we are starting from the ground up. The freedom of that—and the responsibility, knowing that Tillable has instilled in me their trust, to take their baby and treat it like my own—fits with the entrepreneur mindset, the startup mindset, that I am used to.”

We’re not selling anything or asking for a donation. We’re renting people’s property and getting them more money. When a couple in their 70s doesn’t know what their rent should be and we’re able to get them $80 an acre on top of their current rent, that can make a big difference in their quality of life.

Born and raised on a dairy farm in central Michigan, Jenna has shown livestock throughout her 4-H career competing state and nationally. Jenna earned an associate degree in agricultural production and management from Lake Land College in central Illinois. She received her bachelor’s degree following additional study at Oklahoma State University and Eastern Illinois University.

Why did she choose to join the Tillable team? “It was really the mission statement,” Jenna says. “Growing up on a dairy farm, being in ag, you have a heart for it; you have a heart for the people; you have emotional ties. And I really want to do good. I want to leave a positive mark somewhere. I want to know at the end of the day that I did good for somebody.” Seeing that very real possibility at Tillable is what convinced Jenna to sign on.

Jenna says one thing at Tillable has been a pleasant surprise: how totally approachable and accessible her boss is. “The last two positions I had, I was told to use my direct bosses only as a last resort. Jamie [Tillable’s vice president of sales] is the complete opposite. He wants me to touch base throughout the week, and I have full accessibility to him. That’s huge for me.”