Jessie Atchison

VP of Marketing

Jessie Atchison has been leading the marketing efforts at Tillable since December 2018. With a unique perspective on the company’s overall operation, Jessie ensures that everyone’s efforts to provide the best solutions to Tillable customers are reflected in its marketing. “We have really great people,” she says, “and we’re able to use all that brainpower in the best way possible.”

After earning her bachelor’s degree from Purdue University, Jessie married into a farming family, having met her husband-to-be in fifth grade in the small rural Indiana to where they both grew up. They moved to Chicago where she spent nine years with Ball Horticultural in public relations, product marketing and brand management. During that time, she earned her master’s in integrated marketing communications and went on to spend eight years with a marketing and advertising agency before joining Tillable.

I spend a lot of my time thinking about how we get people aware that we're here. How do we help them feel comfortable with us? They're the reason we're here—we really want to help them take care of their farmland.

Three factors convinced Jessie to come to Tillable: the interesting nature of the business, a connection to her rural (and farming) roots, and a good understanding of the company leadership with regard to its future.

“This business is doing something very interesting. But I’d never thought about it before, even though I have a father-in-law who rents out farm ground,” she says. “We really have the opportunity to help a lot of people. As a marketing professional, there’s nothing more fun than spreading the word about something you really believe in.”

What’s the best thing about Tillable, in Jessie’s eyes? The people and the whole work environment.

“I can come in every day knowing that whatever we’re doing, and whatever might be hard about the day, I’m with people I like, good people, who are all really passionate about what we’re trying to do and willing to help each other out. And I think if you have that—in any place you work—then you can do anything, right?”