Kavitha Sampath headshot

Kavitha Sampath

Capital Markets Lead

Kavitha Sampath joined Tillable in November 2019 to help in sourcing debt and equity for the company as it transitioned into a new phase of operations.

A native of Johnstown, PA, Kavitha moved to Atlanta with her family in her teen years. She studied Industrial and Labor Relations at Cornell University, initially planning to go on to law school. Instead, she decided to enter the world of finance and spent the next five years—four in New York City and one in London—providing financial services primarily for large corporate clients.

“It was interesting work,” she says, “but I was always representing other companies instead of doing something for my own company.”

In her search for something more fundamentally satisfying, Kavitha eventually met with Corbett Kull. She relished the prospect of joining a startup and getting an inside view of how a company works, but beyond that she liked Tillable’s focus on sustainability.

“Everyone in the company cares about conservation, so there’s the feeling of a very positive social agenda here,” she says. “And that makes you want to be part of a startup, a part of this company.”

I like that Tillable is doing something beneficial for its customers. We’re just trying to make the farmland market more fair, and I really like the ethos of the company.

Her interview with Corbett sealed the deal, she says, and got this world traveler to move to Chicago. “He has such a vision for how he wants Tillable to grow.” And that made potential for growth at Tillable very clear, Kavitha says. “Most startup founders have one idea and focus on that, but not Corbett. I had never heard a startup founder having so many ideas.”