Kevin Ross headshot

Kevin Ross

VP of Institutional Sales

Kevin Ross came to Tillable in February 2019 after more than 20 years of selling solutions to large corporations in the mobile software space. A graduate of the University of Southern California, Kevin initially spent time with McCaw Communications—which would later become AT&T Wireless—selling services to landowners, growers, and others in California’s agricultural corridor.

After years of honing his skills in sales, business development and partner management, Kevin joined Tillable as its vice president of business development. In that role, he is tasked with selling into the large institutional landowners, which requires an understanding of how to craft a partnership with large organizations that have lots of layers.

Why did he join the Tillable team? Kevin had worked with Tillable’s founder, Corbett Kull, and vice president of sales, Jamie Potter, years ago when they were at Packet Video. “Obviously, it’s great to work with people that you know, trust and like—that part goes without saying. The other part is that there’s a great opportunity here. We’re leading change in our market.”

I see that there’s a great value for what we’re offering, which doesn’t exist today. It helps lend itself to something unique.

Kevin lists his Tillable milestones and surprises together. “The people we’re speaking with in the investment community—they’ve been great. They’ve been open arms and wanting to learn about what we’re doing, and receptive to having a different view of how to manage their assets.”

What’s surprising about that? “We’re a small unknown company in a large industry. And when you talk about software, typically, it’s hard to open doors. But the investor community has been very interested in Tillable and wanting to know more. I’ve been knocking on doors in a lot of arenas for a lot of years, and people usually don’t respond. With Tillable, the response rate has been high, so, I think there’s something there that actually leads to success and value.”